No Such Thing

The name of this blog comes from a conversation I had with my lovely Danish roommate the first time I traveled overseas.  Line (pronounced the same way as “Lena”) and I were both taking classes in Nice.  Besides being a lovely person, Line spoke English fluently, so we were fast friends.  One of our favorite post-class activities was eating ice cream, which I have to say, is one of many foods that is really much better in Europe.  On this afternoon, I tried out a new flavor.

“What did you get?” Line asked as I returned to our table with a honey-brown scoop.

“Cinnamon.”  I took a mouthful.  “Mmmmm.”

Line recoiled visibly.  “Cinnamon?  Cinnamon ice cream?”

I nodded.  “It’s amazing.  You want some?”

Line shook her head, grimacing as though I had suggested she try turd-flavored next.  This was a girl who, the previous night, had ordered flavors that included lavender and, perversely, tomato-basil.  “Ugh.  You guys have cinnamon-flavored gum, too, don’t you?”

We exchanged looks with the identical expression.  A place with cinnamon gum?  A place without cinnamon gum?

No such thing.

That’s what traveling is about to me: finding the places where two cultures meet, look each other square in the eye, and have a profound, albeit respectful, disagreement on what each thinks should be the simplest basic facts holding together the fabric of society.  That’s the spirit I want to keep in mind as I write here, hopefully amusing readers with my bumbling faux pas as I stumble about two continents in search of great food, good drinks, and rousing political debate.

Cinnamon gum.  Who knew?


3 responses to “No Such Thing

  1. Sarah Murphy

    Chelsea, this is soon to become my favorite blog. I love you.

    Three words: Mint potato chips.


  2. I,m looking forward to reading along as you journey,
    Love , Aunt Maggie

  3. Michele Maggio

    I am already enjoying your journey!! So nice to be able to be apart of it! You go girl! Love and hugs, Michele :0)

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