“Shower at night, when the power’s on”

I’ve realized that as wonderful a goal it is to write nice big long thorough entries on every country/city/week, I’m losing quantity to quality a little too much, so I’m going to try to post more frequently with shorter, less pithy posts.

I have a few entries about our Delhi-Agra-Varanasi trip. For now: Julia and I are in Leh! This is in Ladakh, a region in far northern India that is more like Tibet than the rest of India, as historically, it WAS Tibet. Leh is nestled in a flat desert plain in the middle of a ring of mountains that are one range of the Himalayas. They are truly spectacular.

We are staying at a guest house just outside of Leh with a cute family. The two grandparents take care of the guest house as well as their 18-month grandson, Dawa, who the grandmother has to chase around the house making sure he doesn’t break anything. Some things are the same everywhere.

So far we have learned about three words of Ladakhi: “Kang,” snow, “Ri,” mountain, and “julay!” an all-purpose word that means hello, thank you, goodbye, please, and you’re welcome. Everyone is pretty friendly and it’s a huge relief after surviving the “follow me so I can rip you off” mentality of Delhi.

Pictures soon…it takes epically long to upload them. Especially since the power isn’t always regular. Hence our hostess’s suggestion about when to shower. I am trying not to, but I think I miss hot water a little.


2 responses to ““Shower at night, when the power’s on”

  1. Colleen Rudman

    Hoping you get a long hot shower very soon!! (I guess even a short one would be good.) Great talking with you today 🙂
    Julay! xoxoxox

  2. Nothing wrong with enjoying hot water. I find myself chanting “shower at night, when the power’s on” at random times of the day. Catchy.

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