India photos!

Highlights from our journey from Delhi to Agra to Varanasi.  Delhi gets the short end of the stick on the pictures.  Part of that is because I spent our second day in Delhi in bed after a day and a half of emptying my digestive system and was too dehydrated to move.  Welcome to India!

Pics here include Humayan’s Tomb, pietra dura artist at work, the Taj, Varanasi from the water, and an excellent Indian fashion show of sorts.  I still haven’t managed to put on a sari by myself.


2 responses to “India photos!

  1. You look fabulous in a sari!!

  2. Remarkable photos! Must have been fun trying on the clothes. I remember when my Japanese “mom” stuffed me and my huge feet into a kimono those teeny tiny wooden shoes and then shuttled me around to various temples to photograph the event. It was memorable!

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