More photos from Ladakh!

Another photo update!  More extensive this time.  The Om symbol from a hike, the Mahabodhi school (where I teach), someone painting in Leh, hilarious lunchbox.  A series of dances from the Indus Festival we went to two weeks ago.  An excellent polo match!  They rode the tiniest little ponies and it was just as awkward, hilarious, and high-paced as you think it is.  Right in Leh, also two weeks ago.  The lovely view from and pictures of the Shanti Stupa, a Leh icon that is a Buddhist shrine built by Japanese Buddhists looking to spread the love.  (Shanti means peace.)  Pictures from our drive to Nubra Valley, a very quiet and beautiful place in Ladakh just north of Leh.  (You can see China from most places there.  And also a lot of Indian soldiers.)  Pictures from the Hemis Festival, where we arrived late but still in time to see some of the famous masked dances that tell the life story of a very important Tibetan monk/hero.  And, of course, that enigmatic creature, the Western tourist, whose numbers have tripled or quadrupled here overnight thanks to the opening of Manali Road.  Today was the first day in weeks that I saw someone jump when a car honked at them.  (Drivers usually honk horns here to indicate they are turning, passing, coming up the road, backing up, moving forward, are still awake, etc.)


2 responses to “More photos from Ladakh!

  1. stan rudman

    Looks like the scenery may actually surpass Banff/Jasper

    Batman rules

  2. Looks breathtaking. Interesting (ironic?) that they play polo…

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