A brief summary of things seen and done in Rishikesh:

– Climbed a 13-story temple at the far end of a bridge populated by monkeys

– Fled a really cheap “guest house” “room” filled with “ants” and “hornets”

– Ate street channa masala–twice!–and lived to tell about it.  Living dangerously these days.  Man is that stuff delicious.

– Heard every CD store hear playing a modernized version of a chant to Shiva whose lyrics are basically, “Omm na omm Shiva, Shiva Shiva Shiva Omm Shiva.”

– Am now staying at a really nice ashram on the Ganges!  The whole place is painted a surprisingly agreeable salmon color, with red trim, and there are very nice, big statues of the gods everywhere.   I bought a short book on Hinduism so I was kind of excited when I was able to recognize the incarnations of Vishnu.  Progress!

– Yoga class all the time.  Awesome.


2 responses to “Rishikesh

  1. When you come back to the States and start a band, allow me to recommend “Incarnations of Vishnu” as a name…

  2. Colleen Rudman

    Yoga all the time – sounds wonderful! You will be ready for expert classes at Kripalu. I guess/hope your body is building up some immunities since you aren’t getting sick anymore? Hope you got photos of the monkeys on the bridge. miss you xoxoxox

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