My last day in India and the major things on my mind are:

Why is the India Postal Service so bad at making it possible to send packages from one place to another?

Is my bag heavy enough to earn the “Heavy Luggage” fee tomorrow?

How much of Mumbai will I be able to see through the window when we’re landing?

Should I splurge on the Bacardi Breezer again at dinner tonight?

Am I going to finish this novel before I finish the trip?

Do I use the internet too much when I travel?  (Yes.)

Is there anything cooler than seeing a camel jogging down the street pulling a rickshaw?  (No.)


One response to “Namaste

  1. camels can jog?? weird to think about.
    driving between states in india we were stopped at a checkpoint and a man walked up to the car with a monkey and a bear on leashes (we quickly closed the windows and locked the doors). then the bear stood-up and the monkey climbed on top of it and sort of danced a little bit on its shoulders. i thought it was the coolest thing i’d ever seen.

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