Singapore, later, and later

From July 24:

Sitting in the Bishan metro station wondering if the language I just heard was Tamil or Malay.  I think Malay.  I love that most things are in 4 languages here.

Enjoying my time here, even though Singapore itself is, hrm, stiflingly inorganic.  It’s mostly organized into what are essentially a series of planned communities.  Each has its own pool, its own hawker center (food court), its own metro stop, community center, shopping mall, etc.  Everyone flying the flag out their window so there are big long rows of red and white.  It’s for National Day!…which is in three weeks. Channeling The Giver a bit too much here.

July 30, after Thailand

I forgot how clean and fresh this city is.  I know this afternoon’s rainfall helped but the air outside smells and feels like a forested meadow, not a major city.  The country’s done a good job on greenery, and individual Singaporeans have lovely gardens, in Shawn’s neighborhood: bright arcs of orange lillies or yellow-orange puffs of blossoms strung along creeping vines; plant life everywhere exploding into puffs of spiked balls, dripping into jungle-red tear drop clusters, draping over fences and rooftops in a dozen shapes of giant palm leaves.

So many hawker centers and food chains!  Just walking around, you’d have to believe all they do here is shop and eat.  Best: at an Italian/Western, midrange, fairly nice-looking restaurant, one dish advertised in the window is: spaghetti in bolognese with vegetables, ham, and hot dog.  Excellent.


2 responses to “Singapore, later, and later

  1. Hi welcome to sg! I’m a singaporean reading ur blog. 🙂

    • Hi Rosima! Thanks for reading my blog! I hope you think my portrayal of Singapore is fair. I’m going to post some pictures soon as well.

      Actually, to make my portrayal fair, I probably need to mention Singapore’s excellent Night Zoo, which is super fun. The bat exhibit is a giant open cage where you just wander through a forest of hanging bananas and duck as fruit bats keep fluttering past your head. Zoos are way more of an adventure when you have to creep through foliage in the dark.

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