Also, I Speak Hindi! (ok not really)

But I did have my first complete conversation in Hindi today with people who could not speak English!  They were those lovely gentlemen in the white garb from the last post.  They saw me taking a picture with a few boys, and then they came over and gestured to the camera and started lining up.  But they didn’t have a camera.  So I was confused about what they wanted me to do.

My Very First All-Hindi Conversation ensued.  Here it is, in its entirety:

Me: [pointing to camera] Meera?  Apka?

Man: Apka.

Me: Accha.  [takes picture] Accha tikke!

Translation: “Mine? Yours?” “Yours.” “Good, OK. … Very good!”

And…that’s it.  Although, actually, addendum — then the  boy who asked for a photo earlier heard all this, came back to where I was standing, and said:

Boy:  Madam! You speak Hindi???

Me:  Chhota, chhota.  (Small, small.)  ….bahut chhota.  (…very small.)


2 responses to “Also, I Speak Hindi! (ok not really)

  1. In Japanese it’s choto, choto. Ask me how I know

  2. Kitty Rudman

    One Photo!! or one million?? Glad to hear they fixed the airport and metro. They were working on them for the Commonwealth games when I was there with no end in sight or on site.
    As Karma would have it, at a Global Fund event last night I met the new program officer for India. Guess where she got her master’s? SIPA, yes your are right. So there are grantees in Jharkhand and Sengeeta (yes she is even Indian from Delhi originally) is going to help arrange visits.

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