EXCITING: India Has Supermarkets!

Okay, it’s quite possible – likely, even – that there have been supermarkets in India for years already. But I had no idea these existed until I stumbled on one underneath a Delhi metro stop on the outskirts of the city a few days ago.

I originally went inside to buy water, because I knew it would be cheaper than whatever the street vendors were selling it for. However, once I got inside, there was just a world of delightful snacks that were ready and waiting to serve as potential breakfasts (or lunches or dinners).

Then I realized there was also fruit – fruit that was probably cleaner than what was being sold on the street. (Maybe.) And, well…there were apples, which are some of my favorite fruits and were too hard for me to pass up.

Turns out Indian supermarkets also sell…Nature Valley granola bars! I…..yes, I bought some. In my defense (there is nothing I can say in my defense), I bought the mango and cardamom flavored bars, which I’m pretty sure are not a thing in the United States.

Honestly, they actually aren't that great

Also in my defense, I did purchase a large snack bag of pre-made samosas – also not generally available in the US — which were delicious in the way that Cheez-It mix is delicious: really tasty and almost totally devoid of nutrients. This did not stop me from rounding out* meals with a handful of those suckers.

Bottom line: India has supermarkets, and if it makes me horribly Western to be excited about that fact, I guess I’m just Western.

*By “rounding out,” I mean sometimes I ate 6 of them for breakfast. They were not that big! But yeah. The half pound (is that what 400 g is? Half a pound? Sure) bag did not last more than 36 hours.


One response to “EXCITING: India Has Supermarkets!

  1. Those granola bars look TASTY.

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