Photogenic Decay in Kolkata




Kolkata is a really photogenic place, but for not-great reasons.  Most of the city was built up during the British Raj — when British traders first landed in the 17th and 18th centuries, there were just a trio of fishing villages that the British eventually combined, with dozens of other villages, into the metropolis that houses 15 million people today.

A lot of the buildings are still from that era and look very colonial, British-built.  The Brits were probably the last people to clean or maintain any of them, too.  The vast majority of colonial-era buildings are crumbling semi-wrecks — they look the way deserted factories in Queens look.  Except most of these buildings aren’t deserted — they house stores, apartments, offices.  It’s the architecture of a ghost town populated by living people.

It makes for a nice set of photos.  And it makes for perhaps a less-nice city.

IMG_5647 decay sepia kolkata

IMG_5657 jesus muslim sq small

IMG_5652 crumble sepia sign kolkata

IMG_5653 sign kolkata crumble small


3 responses to “Photogenic Decay in Kolkata

  1. Yikes!

  2. Great photos! Hard to believe these are functional buildings.

  3. Something else.

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