Look, Ma! Mangoes!

The center of the JV campus is occupied by a large mango orchard.  Dadu and Rajesh told me that last year, villagers would come at night, knock the mangoes out of the trees into their truck beds, and drive off with their trucks full of rupees in fruit form.

This year, no one could do that, thanks to the illustrious Mango Squad — a family from the surrounding village of Jobhia.

Image00086 mango squad

In exchange for guarding the mango orchard and caring for the trees for several months, when the fruits ripened in June, the Mango Family got to sell the mangoes.

It’s hard to get mangoes out of tall trees.  Sometimes the Mango Squad hired fellow villagers to climb up and shimmy down baskets on ropes.

Other times, they used these:

Image00049 look ma mangoes 1

Not white people.  Bamboo pluckers.  They had a number of long bamboo poles with plastic sacks affixed to the end, like so:Image00051 mango basket

You jab the pole up into the tree, hook the end of the bag around a mango, wedge the stem between the pole and edge of the bag, and yank at the mango furiously until it breaks free and falls into your bag.

I spent one morning helping the Mango Squad with the harvest.  It was way fun!Image00050 look ma mangoes 2


3 responses to “Look, Ma! Mangoes!

  1. Oh, I love mangoes! Namaste. .. . Anne

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  3. I love your photo essays!

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