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Mysore — in photos

A brief photo swing through the rest of me and Erin’s adventures in Mysore:

Buying some vada (fried lentil flour donuts) at the bazaar:

Image00025 vada vendor

Image00026 vada

Me and the beautiful and fascinating Mysore Palace.  An over-the-top mixture of Anglican and Indian styles, the inside halls are richly decorated with everything from murals on the ceiling to guilded gold doors to tilework with inlaid semi-precious stones:
Image00019 me and mysore palace

There were — why not? — elephant rides going on next to the palace, so Erin and I did one.  It was way fun.  At the risk of stating the obvious, elephants are really, really big.  You feel like you’re at a low flight level from up there.Image00011

The next day, we went to the Mysore Zoo.  It was seriously excellent, a definite standout.  We saw lots of animals…Image00032 Image00034 Image00035 Image00028

As well as some pretty funny and entertaining signs:Image00031

At the top of Chamundi Hill, overlooking Mysore:
Image00025 me view mysore

Mysore at night:

Us in Mysore at night 🙂  In the background is our new friend Ferdinand.  In the foreground are me and Erin’s beers.  The Haywards 5000 was pretty terrible.  The Kingfisher was, well, Kingfisher.Image00041

And then we went to some gardens outside Mysore, and I decided to take an entirely too pretentious pose, considering that that skirt now has holes and I haven’t worn makeup in 3 months:

Image00043 me mysore garden


Mysore — Colors

India is such a wonderfully colorful place.  It’s actually one of the first things I list when Indians ask me what I like about their country: “The COLORS!”  Everything, from clothing to houses to food to landscapes, comes in a wider and brighter range of colors here than at home.

Mysore, a quintessential city in the southern state of Karnataka, was no exception — especially at the markets, where vendors sold huge piles of brightly colored powders to use as paints.


Down another row were the fruit vendors, with their massive piles of lemons, pomegranates, apples, bananas, mangoes, grapes, pumpkins, squash, jackfruit, pineapples.  Erin and I loved it:

Image00022 erin fruit vendor

From the top of Chamundi Hill overlooking Mysore, where there is a huge temple patronizing the local favorite goddess, Durga, there is a long set of 300 steps leading down to a huge idol of Nandi, Shiva’s bull.  Some Indians making the trek back up were blessing the stairs by thumbing tikkas, spots of the powder used in religious ceremonies and blessings, on every single one of the 300 steps:


The statue of Nandi himself was, like all idols and shrines in India, garlanded with flowers and covered in colorful pastes:


And here’s the delicious thali (full meal) that we had several times at a restaurant in central Mysore, where our only plates were banana leaves.  There are a few types of vegetable curry, two kinds of dahl (lentil soup), a few different curds (yogurts and buttermilk), and rasam, a thin spicy soup.

Image00038 thali banana leafThese were the chutneys and condiments on the side: coconut chutney, Indian pickles, some orange powder whose name I don’t know but which was very tasty, and plain old salt.