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C’est Qui Une Américaine / Une Française ?

Comments on nationality from my friends and co-workers:


Me (in French): “Adama, look what I made last week!” (points to charts and schematics I drew up and posted on the wall)IMG_7185

Adama (in English): “Oh, wow. You are definitely an American.”


Laetitia (one of my roommates): “But the NGO is paying you, right?”

Me: “Nope. I’m an intern.”

Laetitia: “What?? You work on Saturdays, but they’re not paying you???”

Me: “That’s correct.”

Laetitia: “Oh, wow. You are definitely not French.”


(after spontaneously joining a card game being played by some guys sitting on the corner:)

One of my new buddies: “Where are you from? You’re French, yes?”

Me: “No.”

Buddy: “What?”

Me: “Guess.”

Buddy: “…German?”

Me: “American.”

Buddy and his buddies: (laughing) “No. You’re not American. You don’t have….the shape of an American.”

Me: “Why? Cause I’m not fat?”

Buddy and buddies: “Right!” (all laughing)


Laetitia again: “When did you start learning French?”

Me: “Sixteen years ago, at school.”
Laetitia: “Wow! But why did you choose French?”

Me: “I don’t know. I just always wanted to learn it.”

Laetitia: “Really? I can’t understand why an American would want to learn French. We are the most…comment dit-on, impoli?”

Me: “Rude.”

Laetitia: “Yes, we are the most rude people there are.”

Me (laughing): “You are the most self-hating French person I have ever met.”

Laetitia: “But it’s true!”